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our most frequently asked questions at voyeur life

What is Voyeur Life Inc. -and-

Voyeur Life Inc. is the corporation for We produce “reality voyeurism”, consistently broadcasting 100% real life in real time… 24-hours of everyday. Our couples and single female models live at home with multiple live voyeur cameras, sharing with the world how they live their personal lives… the good days and fun days, the ups and downs. Our beautiful couples and single female models broadcast from different countries around the world; living their interesting lives in our exclusive voyeur houses. Watch our models socialize, shower & bathe, cook & eat, party, play games & hobbies, making love and more.

Are Voyeur Life Models and their guest aware that cameras are recording live videos?

Yes of course! Our models and guest are 100% aware company cameras record and stream live videos to our website, or it is otherwise illegal. We never break laws; we support them!

How do I start my voyeur hobby; watching, enjoying and following Voyeur Life Models?

Step-A: Select and click on the Voyeur-House you desire to view (Single Women or Couples).

~ The list of our “Voyeur-Houses” is provided on the left-side of the main page.

Step-B: Select and click on any Voyeur-Room to search, find and start watching models.

~ The list of our “Voyeur-Rooms” is provided on the right-side of the main page.

Are there different Voyeur Life Memberships?

NO. We at Voyeur Life Inc. currently do not offer any lower or higher tiered memberships. We do have an awesome philosophy… “everyone is a platinum member”, and as a member of you do have total access to all benefits, special features and bonus areas.

What is VL-REPLAY™ (VoyeurLifeReplay)?

This unique special feature allows you to replay recorded streams of the most recent missed 24-hours of any voyeur house and model activities. ~ Use your mouse to enjoy this feature.

I viewed some voyeur houses, and I do not see anyone nor any activities. Is this common?

Our models have different life activities outside the voyeur houses. Some models have jobs, exercise at gyms, enjoy shopping, visit family/friends, etc. Different time-zones worldwide are affecting factors for you the voyeur, and the potential viewing opportunities of models.

Who are the Voyeur Life Models?

Company models are interesting people from different walks of life, who Voyeur Life Inc. company directors and the owner himself have rigorously interviewed and hand-selected.

Can members and fans connect and communicate personally with Voyeur Life Models?

NO. Communication is NOT allowed. Voyeur Life Inc. protects models and their privacy!

Are we looking to recruit new company models to join the Voyeur Life Family?

YES. Voyeur Life Management interviews, selects and processes all models very carefully, prior to officially introducing and broadcasting to our members/fans. Anyone interested to become a company model, may contact us with their interest via:

Can members and fans purchase tangible and financial gifts for Voyeur Life Models?

YES. You may purchase tangible gifts -and- financial tips for models. NO electronics! Acceptable tangible gifts: perfumes, clothes, purses, shoes or jewelry. You must ship tangible gifts to our corporate address below; we then ship your gifts directly to your chosen model’s home.

1000 North Green Valley Parkway #440

Voyeur Life Inc. Suite #555

Henderson, Nevada 89074

We process financial tips via member's credit cards or bank-wire transactions to our corporate “Cash-App” Account. After your financial tips are processed, we guarantee 100% the full amount and the delivery of your financial tips directly to the model/models of your choice. Important: Every financial transaction executed with Cash-App, a small processing fee will be deducted for every tip you send.

What membership payment methods are accepted?

EPOCH is our loyal trusted payment processor, manages our customer payments. VISA, MasterCard or Discover, and PayPal are accepted.

Registration Information

To become a Voyeur Life Member you must register with a valid/serviceable email address, and you will be prompted to “create and save” a membership login and password.

Membership Billing & Customer Support

For billing questions and concerns, contact the payment processor you chose to sign up as a member. You must have all of the following information on hand: your email, username, password, and the credit card you used to purchase your membership.

EPOCH Customer Service: Toll Free at (800) 893-8871 -or- Worldwide at (310) 664-5810

You may also submit your billing questions and concerns via email: or visiting Epoch.

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